The search for the Malaysia Airlines plane enters a new phase



At a press conference, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that “it is unlikely at this point that we find something of the ship on the surface of the ocean” after 52 days of its disappearance. 

Thus, one of the officials said that the search continues with forces from other countries and that the operation has entered a new phase: ” Thus began a new phase in this search that is unprecedented.”

He added: “We do not seek traces on the surface but we use sophisticated sensors to detect something in the depths.”

Abbot argued that these technologies can cover a larger area where it is believed that the plane crashed.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian government is under pressure from the families of the victims, demanding an answer. Many citizens believe that the chances of finding the plane are zero.

While Australia believes the new search phase can last at least 8 months, the U.S. said it can take up many years to achieve a conclusive result.

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