Capitanich criticized Frente Amplio Unen and the government of Buenos Aires



The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich criticized this morning members of the Frente Amplio Unen, stating that “brought the country to hyperinflation.”

“When they had to execute functions of government led the country to hyperinflation, and also some members of the alliance have had within their own police chiefs of security linked to drug trafficking,” said Capitanich.

Among the leaders who make up the forehead are Elisa Carrio, Ernesto Sanz, Hermes Binner, Julio Cobos and Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas.

About insecurity, he said today that “the Buenos Aires government is going in the right direction to intervene the fifth station of the town of Wilde for the alleged malpractice of its staff.”

“Traces of the quality of the members of the security force are an essential element to ensure public safety.”

In his regular press conference at Government House, the chief of staff said: “It is very important that those who have to ensure the safety of all citizens who carry guns, have a transparent, ethical conduct.”

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