England: Girl wants to abort to look thinner in TV



In England, the case of Josie Cunningham causes controversy inside and outside the island boundaries. In the British Big Brother, she plans to have an abortion to “avoid looking fat on TV.”

The 23-year would terminate her pregnancy to participate. In her own words, she said “I realized that most people do not want to see a naked pregnant woman on television.”

“I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I do not, this is what I always wanted and I cannot give it up for anything.”

For Josie, to enter the Big Brother is a form of upward mobility: “I want a better future.” In this context, she would be willing to give up her pregnancy.

Years ago, Cunningham got Social Security of $ 8,000 to enlarge her breasts, and she justified saying she suffered a childhood trauma

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