United States supports Argentina in the fight against vulture funds



This morning, the Supreme Court of the United States led the hearing by the case for the dispute of Argentina against vulture funds that did not enter a debt swaps. 

The first presentation was made by defense attorney Jonathan Blackman of Cleary & Gottileb, representing Argentina in the dispute. In his speech, he had the support of the Deputy General of the Department of Justice of the United States, Edwin Kneedler.

In that sense, Blackman questioned the judge’s decision in New York, Thomas Griesa, which led to the request for information of Argentina’s assets in the United States and the world, which violates the Law of Sovereign Immunity of the U.S.

Meanwhile, Edwin Kneedler represented the Obama administration and expressed support for Argentina’s position on the misreading of the law by lower courts.

By the time the Supreme Court judges did not offer a vision of their position.

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