Tragedy of Once: Former Transport minister declare today



After a month of arguments, this morning it was the turn of Mario Cirigliano, Cometrans holder and brother of Claudio, president of Buenos Aires Trains (TBA). However, the employer refused to testify. Now it is expected the words of former ministers of Transport Juan Pablo Schiavi and Ricardo Jaime. 

The trial for the Tragedy of Once, which left 51 dead, continued this morning, on a day in which is expected Jaime and Schiavi officials to declare. Meanwhile, Mario Cirigliano refused to testify before the Federal Court No. 2 (TOF2).

Last week the motorman Marcos Cordoba testified and said he could not stop and that he was not drunk.

So far the defendants did not provide information relevant to the case, and statements targeted Córdoba as guilty for being incapable of stopping the train in the last 16 meters, before hitting the platform of the train station.

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