South Korea: Students’ deputy director committed suicide


The deputy director of the school of the students aboard the ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea, was found hanging from a tree near a sports center in the town of Jindo.

Authorities were seeking the whereabouts of the man, identified as Kang Min-gyu, 52, who had been rescued from the wreck, after the warning of another teacher who could not find him. Shortly after, he was found hanging from a tree with a belt, and it appears that it was a suicide.

Of the 475 people aboard the ferry Sewol, officially 28 passengers died and 179 have been rescued and 270 are missing.

Prosecutors confirmed today that they have asked a South Korean court arrest the captain Lee Joon-seok and two other crew members, after witnesses said he was one of the first to escape from the ship, which left the port of Incheon to Jeju, a trip that normally takes thirteen and a half hours.

Since then he has claimed that Lee was not actually on the bridge of the ship during the disaster, having left the job to his third in command.

A photograph shows the time when Joon- seok left the boat.

capitan abandona ferry sewon

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