Video: The new Bengal tigers of the Buenos Aires Zoo

tigres blancos

The Buenos Aires Zoo has released a new batch of White Bengal tigers born vaginally. They are two females and one male, who at birth weighed about 1 kilo. Cleo their mother and Rhiano their father are the young couple of Buenos Aires Zoo.

The babies, who were born after 105 days of gestation, inherited from their parents elegant black stripes on the white mantle and intense blue eyes.

The Bengal tiger lives in the jungles of Asia (Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, etc.). It is the true “king of beasts” of Asia and the largest of all cats.

Unfortunately, most of these animals were hunted for their beautiful fur. Therefore, in addition to the destruction of their environment, are very few in the world. White tigers are very rare to find in nature, not in the past. There are few living on reserves and zoos. Now, this species adds three new specimens.

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