Pope Francis chaired the Holy Thursday Chrism Mass


The Pope asked the priests “a renewed fidelity to his only bride, the Church,” to preside at the Basilica of St. Peter the first religious celebration of the four most important days of Easter.

The Pope spoke in his homily of the “priestly joy ” explaining “that helps in times of apathy and sadness that come in priestly life”.

In that sense, in a message with more religious than social dyes, the Pope reaffirmed the value of celibacy and asked the priests “a renewed fidelity to their only bride, the Church.”

“Even in times of sadness, in which everything seems to darken and vertigo insulation seduces us, those apathetic and boring moments that sometimes befall us in priestly life (and which also have spent) , even in those now the people of God is able to keep joy, it is able to protect you, to hug you, to help you open your heart and rediscover a renewed joy,” he said.

Pope Francisco also stressed that “the priestly joy is a joy whose sister is poverty and it has as sister the obedience.”

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