AC/DC would come to an end after 41 years of career



After 41 years, the Australian band AC/DC may be putting an end to their successful career. While recently singer Brian Johnson said they were preparing a new studio album, the rhythm guitarist, songwriter and founding member Malcolm Young would not be physically able to continue. The band, meanwhile, would not accept a replacement. 

According to Australian media, about 3 weeks ago, Malcolm suffered a stroke that left him a blood clot in his brain. When went to the pre-sessions for the recording of new material, the musician realized he did not remember how to play the guitar.

Nothing was officially confirmed yet, but friends and family members talked about what happened to Malcolm for the last couple of weeks. The blood clot is believed to be the reason Malcolm could not continue working.

Malcolm Young is not the most visible face of the band, but was a hidden leader. Almost every band classics were written in collaboration with his brother Angus.

Recall that the last live DVD recorded by the band was done in Argentina, River Plate Stadium, amid the promotional tour for Black Ice.

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