Moyano: “If Kicillof will receive orders from the IMF, things will get more complicated”


Leader Azopardo CGT (General Confederation of Labor), Hugo Moyano, criticized the Economy Minister Axel Kicillof by the approach the government is taking the International Monetary Fund.

“If we keep without answering, if the minister Kicillof will receive orders from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its orthodox prescriptions, things will get more complicated,” Moyano said.

He also said that the labor movement will not passively fulfill decisions from the administration of Cristina Kirchner if she does not listen to union demands, but said the general strikes will not happen any time soon.

Unionism has “to have an enormous responsibility to know how and when” force measurements are performed and evoked a phrase of former President Juan Domingo Peron: “Neither hasty nor retardant.”

And said that the general strike was called by him “and has been successful so far,” so the other guilds who want to strike back quickly, “have to accept” his “orientation.”

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