Bachelet confirmed 11 deaths by fire in Valparaíso


Chile President Michelle Bachelet stated that after the fierce fires in the area of Valparaiso, dead people are at least 11.

“Unfortunately we have to report that 11 people died as a result of the fires, but we know that this figure may increase with the passage of the hours,” the president said.

“We have tried to prevent looting. We will have 2000 troops to control the situation and more than 1,500 firefighters” in addition to planes and helicopters to help with operations.

Bachelete also said the forecast warns that in the area, intense wind will rise after noon, whereupon the flames must be controlled quickly.

“The estimate of destroyed houses is at least 500, but this figure may increase,” the president added.

And she said, “There are at least 10,000 people evacuees, not just people from these houses but from the areas where the fire can damage more”.

The head of state also said the health network is working to clear debris and apply vaccine to prevent an epidemic.

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