Argentine actor Alfredo Alcón passed away



Alfredo Alcon died at age 84, at his home in Barrio Norte, 5:00 this morning, after being hospitalized for four months in the sanatorium of the Trinity for colon cancer. The information was confirmed by his personal friend Jorge Vitti. 

Alfredo Felix Alcon Riesco was born in the neighborhood of Liniers, on March 3, 1930, and was an actor and theater director.

Since 1955, he has starred in over forty films. He is considered the most important actor of his generation in Argentina.

As an actor he has played characters of William Shakespeare, Federico García Lorca, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Henrik Ibsen, Eugene O’Neill and Samuel Beckett.

In the words of the Konex Foundation, his figure: “is a national pride for his acting, his look and his beautiful voice.”He put his voice in numerous films, including Last Images of the Shipwreck.

His remains will be veiled in the Hall of Lost Steps of the National Congress and tomorrow will be buried in Chacarita.

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