Susana Gímenez won the sue against “Bam Bam” for his statements about an intimate encounter


A year ago, former Big Brother Esteban “Bam Bam” Morais said he maintained an intimate encounter with Susana Gimenez in a TV show.

“It was five years ago. I worked at “Sin Codificar” show. And one day, when the program ends, a person says, ‘The lady would like to know you’. When the time came, knock on the door of my house, and it was like an operation by SWAT. A polarized car with another car behind bodyguards, everything. Was fun … It was more to a story than anything else,” Bam Bam had said then.

However, at first Susana Gímenez take it with humor. Then, before the media insistence by Morais, the diva decided to take him to court. Finally, today she confirmed has won the case.

“I just won the trial! Now he has to retract everywhere, and to pay charges. All media will receive the judge’s ruling in writing ,” said the diva, exultant, in an interview given to a magazine.


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