Kirchnerism repudiates the general strike by a statement


Kirchnerism party expressed publicly a rejection against the general strike called by union leaders Hugo Moyano and Luis Barrionuevo. It was titled “Barrionuevo, his employee Moyano and the strike celebrated by Magnetto”.

In the statement, they argued “the measure only benefits big corporations that seek to stop the process of inclusion of historically neglected sectors of our country, they found social justice since 2003 under the presidency of Néstor and today with Cristina”.

It adds, “What would Evita and Peron said about a strike supported by the Rural Society? Such a conviction is not required, as workers know that nothing good can be expected of a strike called by Barrionuevo, customary traitor of the labor movement, labor flexibility accomplice in Menem period and architect of the weakening of social work union” .

On the other hand, it also criticized Moyano, saying he was able to fulfill the historic role of being leader of the organized labor movement in this time of transformation, he opted for the devalued position of Barrionuevo “butt”.

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