Ezeiza, Retiro and Constitucion stations without poeple due to the strike


The national strike called by Moyano and Barrionuevo hit the streets of the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

The protest includes strike of buses, subways, trains and airplanes. Ezeiza airport, ConstituciĆ³n and Retiro stations, plagued workers and travelers during the week, woke up empty.

As the subway service, the buses of short and long distance decided to join the strike. The Retiro bus terminal dawned empty, rare image to the number of passengers moving in every day to platforms.

In Ezeiza, Argentina Crew Association and Aviation Technicians Association adhered to strike and therefore flights did not land or take off.

In Puerto Madero, the port of export activity, grain shipping and dispensing vessels were paralyzed. Union of Grain and Annexes (Urgara) reiterated adherence to strike.

Another feature of the city this morning was the large amount of trash that can be seen in every corner. The waste treatment plants CEAMSE through union AGOEC joined the protest.

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