Cristiano Ronaldo could be absent from the match against Barcelona



Cristiano Ronaldo finally met the severity of his injury: he broke his left hamstring, pending developments. The striker also missed the match against Borussia Dortmund and now could also lost be off the final of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona.

This morning, the results of studies on the injury left him nothing but terrible news to his coach, Carlo Ancelotti.

“After the tests conducted in player Cristiano Ronaldo has been detected a muscular injury to his left hamstring” says the official statement issued by the Madrid institution.

Thus, almost certainly will miss the final of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona, which will be held next Wednesday at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia.

For now, however, his priority is the Champions League, in the semifinals. Tomorrow the rival Merengues could be Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid of Simeone.

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