Which sectors added to the strike today




Tomorrow, the CGT Azopardo lead by Moyano and the Blue and White of Barrionuevo will headline the biggest strike since the Kirchnerism took office in 2003. The measure has the support of pro-government unions and leftist groups. The leaders are demanding increases in income tax and in pension benefits. 

Moyano, head of the Teamsters union, has a significant resource when stopping the country: the management of product transport over long distances. So, tomorrow there could be shortages of fuel, supermarkets and ATMs. Also will be affected other services such as garbage collection.

Barrionuevo, meanwhile, aims to be more severe with the Government, but accepted to wait for the official response to determine further actions. He wanted to strike for 36 to 48 hours with mobilization.

Other unions such as CGT Balcarce, led by Caló, The Fellowship (which runs the rail system), of Maturano and UTA of Fernandez added the strike.

The Left Front, composed of the Labor Party, and the Socialist Left, is the mentor of many of the blocks of streets to be held tomorrow, with Juan Carlos Alderete, leader of the Combative Class, and Barrios de Pie.

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