Penalties of 10 to 22 years for Marita Verón’s kidnappers

Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive

Finally, the judge composed of Emilio Paez de la Torre, Dante Ibáñez and Juana Juárez, sentenced 10 responsible for the kidnapping of Marita Verón. Penalties range from 10 to 22 years. 

Main convicted were José ” Chenga ” Gomez, Gonzalo Gómez, Daniela Milhein Alejandro González Márquez Azucena, Pascual Andrada, Humberto Derobertis, Carlos Luna, Paola Gaitán and Mariana Bustos.

Meanwhile, Susana Trimarco, Marita’s mother said: “We are still loking for Marita, she needs to be found, we must give an answer to Mica”, and added “It is some justice after so many years of struggle.”

She also said: “I have to respect this court which made things as should have been done in 2012.”

“I’m struggling with a life that is my daughter. It’s the ending of a stage and a new beginning ” she said.

Trimarco also acknowledged the support of President Cristina Kirchner: “Cristina said that she will continue next to me and I feel her heart is with me.”

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