Capitanich highlighted the debate held yesterday in the Senate




The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, today reaffirmed the intention of the national government to “expand the plan Cared Prices” and said that, so far, evaluated as “positive” the behavior of the actors involved in this program.

Moreover, in his usual press conference at the Government House, the Chief Minister stated that, currently, “the big challenge is that there is an applicable regulatory framework” for effective consumer protection, and in that sense, argued that for the consumer “to pursue their rights, a normative core unified with a special court is necessary.”

He also highlighted today the “broad, plural and democratic” debate that occurred yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies, in the context of the report provided to lawmakers.

“I must emphasize the possibility of a political debate, as I instructed the President’s Office, within the National Congress, and on the other hand the wide, plural and democratic exchange, with respect each other’s ideas” Capitanich said at a press conference at Government House.

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