Lots of events nationwide recall on Malvinas


The 32 years of the Malvinas War will be remembered today with various events and activities including vigils, parades and art shows.

In Tierra del Fuego, in whose jurisdiction are the Malvinas Islands, remember the anniversary of the war with a main event to be held at 11.

Meanwhile, in Ushuaia, on Tuesday night there was a vigil at the War Memorial, opposite the Argentine Sea, and 0 hours of April 2 it was intended the hoisting of the national flag will fly for a year at the monument and after a ceremony veterans are bet inside the tent to share experiences with neighbors who attend to join them.

In the City of Buenos Aires, at 18, at the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli, preside over a Mass in memory of the fallen in Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands.

Families of fallen soldiers and veterans bear the image of the Virgin of Luján, the replica is in Darwin Cemetery, which was blessed on March 19 by Pope Francis.

In the city of La Plata, people planned last night the lighting of 3000 candles in Plaza Moreno, doing the bigger graphical representation of Malvinas.

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