Different cases of lynching raise the alert

A wave of lynching throughout the country, raised the general warning, leaving huge impact among the most important political figures.

Four cases were registered in different parts:

In Buenos Aires city. A pickpocket hit by neighbors 50 meters from Alto Palermo shopping on Saturday.


In Rosario. The most tragic event, Saturday March 22, about 50 people beat to death David Moreira (18) for stealing a wallet.


The episode was recorded in the following video:

In C√≥rdoba. A motorcycle thief was beaten after stealing a child. “When the neighbors found out that my daughter was the victim,” said the girl’s father, “people went crazy and they wanted to lynch him. But the guy was in the patrol car.”

“The neighbors destroyed the bike. If police did not arrive we had finished all prisoners.”


In La Rioja. A thief was bashed after assaulting a kiosk and hit an old lady. Neighbors intercepted the man when he escaped with a box of wine and beat him.


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