Cristina: “Malvinas is the NATO military base in the South Atlantic”


President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said today that the Malvinas/Falkland Islands are today, “the military base of NATO in the South Atlantic ” and added “that’s what they should not continue hiding” to lead the Memorial main event for the 32 th anniversary Malvinas War.

“In Malvinas the British manage military deployment in the South Atlantic,” she said adding that it is one of the “more militarized world”places where there are more military then civilians.

“The British government does not break its budget expenditure on Malvinas. It is logical for a government that is on all fronts and is always the aggressor side,” said the president.

She added, “That’s a shame because there is a 20 percent of unemployed youth. It would be nice to spend less in war and more in its people.”

Cristina explained the British military base on the archipelago has missiles “capable of reaching much of the Southern Cone, to Ecuador, including” – and urged Britain to respect the decision of the United Nations.

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