Chile: 6 dead and 900,000 evacuated after earthquake


There are 6 deaths caused by the earthquake that took place last night off the coast of Chile, 99 kilometers northwest of the city of Iquique, while there are at least 900 evacuees.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelete declared as disaster area the towns closest to the epicenter of the earthquake. “I declared disaster area to Arica and Tarapaca,” Bachelet said from the palace of La Moneda.

“We sadly report the information of the death of five citizens, four men and a woman, in Iquique and Alto Hospicio, infarction and crushing”, reported the Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo PeƱailillo, who then added a sixth fatal victim, apparently due to a fall.

PeƱailillo also highlighted the evacuation process, which took place last night after the tsunami warning.

Some people were beginning to return home, after the cancellation of tsunami warning. ” Tsunami warning for the entire national territory is canceled. Variations than 0.3 meters above mean sea level for Arica, Pisagua, Iquique, patache, Tocopilla and Mejillones are estimated,” says a statement from Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA).

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