Rally Dakar 2015 will return to Argentina



The Minister of Tourism, Enrique Meyer, anticipated from Paris that the Dakar Rally next year will start from the Plaza de Mayo.

One day before the official announcement of the competition, to be held tomorrow in the French capital, Meyer confirmed to the cable channel “Fox Sports” the rumor circulating since last January and claimed that the rally will have its symbolic start in Buenos Aires.

Those starts began in 2009, when the Rally first came to South America and continued until 2012. The first three starts were done from the Obelisco and the fourth in the city of Mar del Plata.

In 2013 the rally opened in Lima, Peru, in order to “seek new scenery and landscapes” for the competition, in the words of the organizers and Meyer himself. Therefore, the latest edition of the Dakar returned to their point of departure in Argentina and the venue was held in Rosario in the Flag Memorial.

Tomorrow from Paris, the competition director Etienne Lavigne along with Mayer will announce the route of the Dakar 2015, which will include Bolivia, as was anticipated by the president Evo Morales.

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