Girl shaved her head to support her twelve year old friend




Kamryn Renfro is a girl of nine years of Grand Junction (Colorado) who decided to shave her head to give her support to her friend Delaney Clements, aged twelve, who suffers from cancer and has a shaved head due to chemotherapy.

This gesture brought him trouble at school, as the authorities found that she ‘violated the dress code’ and decided to expel Kamry from the institution. Authorities said she could only return “only if she uses a wig’.

Kamryn said: “I felt that was what I had to do” and his friend Delaney said “I was “very excited because I was going to have someone to support me and not be alone. Some people laughed at me.”

Jamie Renfro, the girl’s mother wrote to the school explaining why her daughter had shaved her head, and authorities said they ‘were unable to make exceptions.”

Wendy Campbell, Delaney ‘s mother said: ” They are friends who support each other . No matter what she did, she showed that she is a brave girl. We support her.”

The school confirmed days after that Kamryn could return to school.

Catherine Norton, president of the board of teachers said: ” The dress code is designed to promote uniformity and an environment without distractions, but exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.”


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