The trial for the Tragedy of Once was resumed today



This morning, the trial by the tragedy of Once was resumed with the reading of the allegations of the parties. In 2012, 52 lives were lost and more than 700 wounded. Jaime and Schiavi, former transport ministers are part of the accused.

The Federal Court NÂș 2 (TOF2) resumed the process of instruction reading the requirements to elevate it to trial.

One of the parties challenged the judge Bonadio. The complaint corresponds to the family of Lucas Menghini Rey, victim No. 51, who called for “the invalidity of the technical report” after considering that it contains “aspects that are not required by the court and give nullity to all the conclusions.”

Moreover, plaintiff attorney Gregory Dalbon demanded to the Judicial Council a jury trial for Bonadio, following his role in the investigation of the fact, claiming his “poor performance of his duties.”

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