Art exhibition “Wrinkles” was opened at the Museum of Women


The visual arts exhibition “Wrinkles ” was opened Friday in the Women’s Museum of Buenos Aires City.

Its protagonists, a group of well-respected artists, quote on 147 Pasaje Rivarola where they presented a series of images at different techniques that revolved around this premise.

The idea and call, took place spontaneously, in a gathering of friends, where a cross-cutting issue was debated, and from no one escapes.

The artist Marisa Rueda told about it, “The exhibition came about as the ideas that arise unconsciously. It is seen that was in the air because we were a bunch of friends at a barbecue, then I say ‘Oh how lovely wrinkles that you have’ then I began photographing and everyone started talking about wrinkles and we realized that there it was an interesting place to do art and expose it.”

The curious event occurred several years ago, but the initiative had already in Rueda mind and so a few months ago she decided that it should be carried out. She gathered the stars of the sample and found the Museum of Women.

“Last July, I said to myself  ‘we must do this’, and then everything was done quickly,” Rueda said.

According to the artists, wrinkles means more than over time, represent the marks of a busy road, with stories, scars, pains and joys, ultimately, the map of life.

“The show has to do with the passage of time and as all artwork has to do with death. This seems very hard but it is. In addition, woman is treated as an object and that object if it is very wrinkled, nobody likes it,” the artist said.

In this line, the Women’s Museum hosted this show with great enthusiasm, as it was explained by its director, Graciela Tejero Coni.

“The museum is a specific space that is the struggle and organization to the struggle of women liberation, so the ‘Wrinkle’ project was a plus for us, because the lines are different in the case of women than men. On ladies wrinkles have to be quickly corrected, on men they give maturity and became them more interesting in many cases.”

“However, the wrinkles on women speak of our wisdom and our experience, we found that the exhibition must be in the Museum of Women and we are enjoying today,” the director said.

The show takes place on Saturday 22 , Tuesday 25 and Wednesday March 26 from 15 to 20 at the Museum of Women.




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