Notable members of the art exhibition “Wrinkles”

Alicia Keshishian

The visual arts exhibition “Wrinkles” will take place on Friday, March 21, 19 to 21 hours, at the Museum of Women and this time we bring the protagonists.

Elisa Araujo: She was born in Mar del Plata and attended primary and secondary school in that city and in Boston , Mass. USA . She had an eclectic, self-taught in foreign languages, art and literature. She studied French during her stay in Boston, where she attended a convent school and then French Canadians at the Alliance Francaise de Mar del Plata. She studied drawing and painting with Carlos Pacheco and Photography with Vicente Viola in La Plata. She participated in group exhibitions in La Plata, Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata with paintings and photographs. She is founding director of the Cultural Center Macá Villa Elisa (province of Buenos Aires ) and hosts the radial program “Nendo Dango” in Radio Universidad Nacional de La Plata, AM 1390, dedicated to environmental issues.

Cristina Chaplin – Rueda: She was born in London, where she studied television and film at the University of Surrey. At 23 she moved to Barcelona, ​​where currently resides. After years working as a post- production technique, made a master in Film Mounting ESCAC in Barcelona. Since then she works as freelance video editor. She worked at El Sol Iberoamerican Advertising Festival and GSMA Mobile World Congress. Besides her work, she also takes art audiovisual projects, usually based on video format, photography and installations. She has collaborated on various projects with Marisa Rueda, exposing in India and Spain.

Veronica Engler: She is a journalist especially devoted to issues of science, technology and health. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. At present she integrates the area of ​​Communication at National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health. She wrote for various newspapers and magazines from Argentina and made journalistic production in television programs about science. In the area of ​​scientific dissemination she worked at the Center for Scientific Dissemination in Buenos Aires University UBA, as an editor at the News Agency Leloir Institute, and the Institute of Astronomy and Space Physics (UBA-CONICET). She is part of American Network for Science, Technology and Gender.

Olga Hernandez: She was born in the province of Córdoba and lives in Buenos Aires. It is a cartoonist and painter, graduated from the Fine Arts National School Prilidiano Pueyrredón. She studied with Master Ricardo Garabito. Is a graphic designer and worked in publishing houses and newspapers in Argentina and Peru. Designed catalogs for exhibitions Gold Museum of Peru. She made exhibitions since 1968 in various galleries of Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Lima. Work with the various aspects and preference states of plant life, as in “Corn” series , as well as landscapes and images of typefaces.

Tanny Giser: She is ninety year old just met. She is always dramatist. Her first training was in Argentina with the Independent Theatre. Since 1963 lives and works in Italy where she attended the Actor’s Studio of Alessandro Fersen. She participated in seminars with “Roy Hart Theatre”, with Dominic De Fazio of New York , with “Tatr Osmego Onia” in Poland with Dacia Maraini and UPTER (creative writing). She founded several theater groups: Latin American Theatre, Teatro Nuovo Mondo, Cooperativa “Ruota Libera”. Today she continues her activities with “Le tessitrici” group of read and write, that under her direction it made performances in libraries, cultural centers, as well as staged monologues of which is the author and performer.

Ana Godel: She born in Buenos Aires, studied at the National School of Visual Arts “Ernesto de la Cárcova”. She received numerous awards among which we can highlight: the First Prize Drawing Salon National Print and Drawing in Viedma, the second Print Award in the National Hall in Buenos Aires, the third Prize Drawing in the Hall national in Buenos Aires and the Third Prize of Painting “Solanas Gutierrez” in Santander, Spain , First Prize of Engraving “Lounge Tribute to Women – SAAP”, Argentina. She made numerous exhibitions in Argentina and abroad. In 2012 she exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art (MACLA), La Plata.

Priyadarshini John: She’s a writer and visual artist from Bangalore, India. Work through interactions between performance, photography and text, visual interventions and shows. She is interested in topics related to the narratives of the body, traveling, nomadic and fantastic stocks interventions in public space. Her latest works are “Work for Excess – Between The soul-body Akka and Magdala” , a performance that was part of the Gati Summer Dance Residency in New Delhi. She also worked as a visual artist for a multimedia performance titled “The Story of the Clock Man” , which was part of the festival Wachten / Waiting in Belgrade. Took part in the Art Karavan International, held in India in 2010.

Alicia Keshishian: Visual artist born in Buenos Aires. Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts. Make artist books , prints, objects and installations. 2013: Genaro Pérez Museum, Artist Book . 2012: Book Fair and Galler Academy Yerevan, Armenia. She participated in Breaking Book, Borges Cultural Centre and National Library. 2006: “Art and Politics in the work of Antonio Berni” supplement Argentina History of Literature, Pagina 12 newspaper. Solo Exhibitions: Paco Urondo Cultural Center. Tekeyan Cultural Center, Gallery Arcimboldo, Colegio Mayor Argentino, Madrid, Spain. Group: Gallery Carla King, Lozza Museum , Recoleta Cultural Center, Biennial of the End of the World in Ushuaia, National Print Museum, IV Biennial Print, Honorable Mention. Museum. Salta Fine Arts; Print Biennial, 3rd. prize. Arte BA. QCC . Art Gallery. New York.

Arlette Neyens: She is graduate with a degree as national professor of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. In photography she developed a comprehensive task and received awards in the halls of photo clubs Argentina, Buenos Aires, Ituzaingó, Bariloche. Her photographs were published by the magazine Claudia Places, at the International Museum Guide, Insight Guides in “Argentina”. She exhibited watercolors at Banco Patagonia, House of Culture , City Council , Congress and Convention Centre of Villa La Angostura, Bank of the Province of Neuquén, Bariloche Atomic Center and Casa del Neuquén in Buenos Aires, Gallery Ponte Vecchio, and Rock Museum in Buenos Aires. She won Huirin Prime Bank Foundation Prize of Neuquén Province.

Carlota Petrolini: She was born in Buenos Aires. Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano and Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Since then, she dedicated to teaching and art and created numerous exhibitions in the country and Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, France and China. The last one took place ​​in a facility that belongs to the First Argentine Museum of Ceramics in Flican, Fupin, China. She received numerous awards, among which are: the Grand Prize Acquisition National Ceramics Exhibition, Grand Prix d’Honneur of the Argentine Center of Ceramic Art, 2nd Prize of the Argentine Olympic Committee, 1st Prize at the Relief of the National Salon of Sculpture 1st Prize of the National Exhibition of Ceramics.

Cristina Rueda: She trained in different disciplines with Mireya Baglietto, Miña Stempelsztejn, Ingeborg Ringer, Aurelio Macchi, Didier googol, Fabienne Picot. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro and Paris, and currently lives and works in Buenos Aires. In Rio de Janeiro made ​​monumental sculptures, and individual and group exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. In Paris she held a solo exhibition and participated in numerous group exhibitions, exhibitions and fairs in Vallauris, Créteil, Epernay, Paris, Marne la Vallée, Montrouge, as in London and Bremen, Germany. She returned to Buenos Aires in 1994 and presented “In Praise of Shadows” composed of installations and sculptures in iron work on two solo exhibitions.

Marisa Rueda: She is Argentine but lived for nearly four decades in London. She has participated in a historically object sculptural practice. Her work of ceramic sculpture won the First Prize and mentions at National Exhibition of Ceramics before she traveled to Europe, where she received a gold medal at the Biennial of Vallauris. Rueda has been part of the feminist movement in the arts in England during the 80s, as part of an exhibition that made ​​history, called “Women Images of Men” (London 1980). With the same group of women she performed “Pandora’s Box”. In the last decade she has exhibited in Buenos Aires in Art X Art Gallery, which supports cutting-edge ideas in photography and video.

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