The Council of Magistracy discusses Oyarbide’s situation




Today, the Committee on Discipline and Prosecution of the Council of Magistracy will deal with complaints against the federal judge Norberto Oyarbide, for suspending a search of a financial after receiving a call from a government official. 

Today, Mario Cimadevilla, representative for the UCR, said “there is sufficient evidence to cite him to declare for poor performance” and noted that requested the Council to notify the judge about allegations against him and give him time to answer if he wants to.

Last week, the court did not address the issue because 10 votes were required for its inclusion in the agenda. Last Friday, Alejandro Fargosi, opposition representative in the body, said “All allegations are denied with statutory formalities like yesterdays.” The lawyer asked for the suspension of the judge.

“He failed to comply with the duties of a judge and incurred a ground for impeachment. We should not beat around the topic should, we must suspend him” he said.

On 19 December, Oyarbide suspended a search of the financial Propyme, owned by Guillermo Greppi, a close friend of Carlos Liuzzi. Liuzzi is Secretary of Carlos Zannini in the Legal and Technical Secretary’s Office, one of the closest to Cristina Kirchner. The judge made the decision after Liuzzi told him that the police demanded bribes to go away and not touch anything.

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