The Women’s Museum of Buenos Aires exposes the art show “Wrinkles”


Artists from different countries work on the theme of wrinkles. Time and traces of life on every face and body, the possibility of revaluing these disturbing folds. The works can be visited from Friday at the Women’s Museum of Buenos Aires. 

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday March 21, 7 to 9 pm, where you’ll enjoy a performance by the artist Alicia Keshishian at 8 pm.

The MUSEUM OF WOMEN is located in Pasaje Rivarola 147, between Bartolomé Mitre and Juan D. Perón. For more information you can access their website:

The original idea of the this exhibition took place in late 2009 at a meeting of artists friends. This time the subject came from the photos that were taken from them, in which the wrinkles began to see in the face and other parts of the body such as the neck, arms or hands. The comments and thoughts at the time were several , the most laughable .

Then the e-mail exchanges were stimulating thinking on the subject and the ability to project it in an artistic materiality. The idea was to try to re develop the negative preconceptions that currently prevail in relation to wrinkles: they are ugly, negatives and are signs of decrepitude, among others.

But what came from this group exchange was not a single reading on the subject, so that the art show does not result in an ode to wrinkle. Much is to be said from these skin folds leaving time goes on our bodies and our faces.

Wrinkles led first to the issue of aging, a subject which at times can be painful. But the view of the body as a dynamic space and wrinkles as part of that movement. The discovery of the processes in the body and in the other close to us. The changes experienced in spirit, intimate, quiet, own tempo is a dialogue with oneself. Sometimes with dismay at the image. The marks of a busy road, with stories , scars, pain and joy … the map of a life. Wrinkles are the paths of pain, of loss , of love, of the deceptions and disappointments. And our attitude towards life, our laughter and anger, or distrust of the Trusts during the journey.

But wrinkles can also be in other than human skin surfaces, can be expanded to other territories that allow us to explore different ways these disturbing folds.

The exhibition will be open: Saturday 22, Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 of March from 3 pm to 8 pm.


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