France supports Argentina in the claim against vulture funds

Photo: Télam

Photo: Télam


After meeting for more than an hour, the leaders gave a press conference, where they highlighted the need to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. In addition, Cristina Kirchner announced that France “will state as amicus curiae in the Supreme Court of the United States” in the case that Argentina faces with vulture funds led by Paul Singer, which did not enter the debt swap of 2005 and 2010.

“We want to thank the president for notifying us that they’ll appear as amicus curiae in the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Cristina Kirchner, adding “7% of the vulture funds attempt to overthrow the agreement with 93% of creditors. If they ratify the ruling in his favor, a group would have more power than sovereign country.”

And she said “they live in tax havens and did not pay taxes in their country of origin.”

Moreover, the president reported about the meeting of this afternoon with the executive director of the company Total. “It has investments in Argentina and decided to expand. He is an associate with YPF so we benefit.”

On the subject, she argued, “We have reached an agreement with Repsol, being treated in our Parliament. Argentina is already an oil country, and that makes us a power and an important energy partner for France.”

Changing the angle information, the president admitted that they discussed the situation in the world and especially in Ukraine. “Argentina remains a country of peace, we are major players in all UN missions in the world.”

She noted that “It is a tragic irony that a hundred years after the First World War we have war situations across Europe today”.

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