Cristina Kirchner met with François Hollande in France




President Cristina Kirchner held a private meeting with the French president François Hollande. Then they shared a lunch. In the afternoon, the Head of State will meet with executives from the company Total.

An hour and a half later, the heads of state will provide a joint statement to the press (with no questions) on the steps of Elisha, another ceremonial tradition for official visits in France.

After the meeting, the President will return to the hotel and in the afternoon she’ll will meet with representatives of the oil company Total, the largest private company in France, according to the Public Communication Secretary Alfredo Scoccimarro, who spoke to the press at the Intercontinental hotel appointed by the French government for its official guests.

On Thursday the President has a busy agenda, with important events and meetings.

In the afternoon, Cristina Kirchner will meet with French Prime Minister Jean -Marc Ayrault in the Matignon Palace, seat of the French premier.

After the meeting, the Mandatory Argentina and Ayrault will participate in the inauguration of the book fair in the exhibition park of Porte de Versailles, on the southwestern edge of the French capital.

At 5:00 pm French time (1:00 pm in Argentina), the Argentine flag will be showed in the prestigious French Salon, one of the largest in the world and in which Argentina is featured guest.

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