Brazilian businessman traveling in a cruise found dead




A few meters from the shore of the Río de la Plata, Prefecture found the body of a Brazilian businessman traveling on the cruise ship Costa Fascinosa. Police investigates whether it was a suicide, an accident or a crime. 

The cruise ship was headed for the port of Buenos Aires, but the employer was found on the shores of the locality of Punta Lara.

The discovery was made on 13 March, but the information was released today. Coast Guard found the body in an area of dense vegetation, about 50 meters from the coast.

The researchers began the corresponding analysis to determine whether it was a suicide, an accident or a homicide.

Odair Marcos Faria was a businessman of 61 years traveling with his wife, Maria Cristina Florio Bonafin in the cruise Costa Fascinosa, of Italian origin.

The cruise has 1508 cabins, five restaurants, 13 bars, gyms, spas, saunas, swimming pools and sports courts.

Faria disappeared on March 11 and his wife warned the authorities of Costa Fascinosa about what happened. Now, an investigation is being led by the prosecutor Ana Medina.

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