Cristina Kirchner met with Pope Francisco in the Vatican



Pope Francisco arrived at 12:22 am (8:22 am in Argentina) to the Santa Marta residence and greeted reporters awaiting for the arrival of President Cristina Kirchner. 

As confirmed by the Presidential Medical Unit to Telam agency, the foot injury of the head of state took place last night. Cristina made a bad move as she walked the halls of the hotel Eden, where she is staying in Rome, so she had to be treated at the university hospital Humberto Primo.

The President, together with the official delegation, brought several gifts for the Pope Francisco including books and a box.

The Pope, in high spirits, sent greetings to all Argentines and called ‘to pray’ for him and congratulated the journalists for their work.

Francisco and Cristina talked for more than two hours, then shared a lunch and participated in a formal meeting.

Now the president is expected to fly to France. While it could be expected a lecture, yet there was nothing confirmed. Still, there was no official repercussions of the meeting in the Vatican.

Last year Cristina Kirchner Francisco had visited during his inauguration acts. They met again in June, during Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. It is forecast that the Holy Father recently visit Argentina in 2016.

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