Kerry met with Russian Foreign Minister in London




John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in London, to talk about the crisis in Ukraine. While Crimea discusses whether to be annexed to Russia or not, the government of Putin analyzes the possibility of invading the country in Eastern Europe. 

The meeting took place in Regent´s Park, London. Prior to this encounter, Kerry met in Downing Street with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Minister William Hague, according to published news agency EFE.

Kerry said that he presented to Lavrov some “options” to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and warned of possible U.S. and European intervention if Russia joins Crimea.

Cameron’s government condemned the Russian military incursion in Crimea, showed his support for the interim administration of Kiev and warned that the independence referendum is “illegal.”

Crimea belonged to Russia until 1954. Currently, over 60 % of the inhabitants of the peninsula in the Black Sea are of Russian origin.

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