AFA denied having tickets to resale




After the controversy arising from the resale of tickets that AFA receives from FIFA, President Julio Grondona issued a statement that denied those versions. 

The newspaper article reported on the alleged distribution of 682 tickets last December, plus another 3,500 for each game of Argentina.

“The AFA officially announced that, like all participating Federations of the World Championships, FIFA will receive 30 log entries for each dispute meeting Argentina national team. Of these, ten are for Categories 1, and the remaining twenty in Categories 2 or 3″ says institutional message.

It adds “In addition, AFA received five tickets for games in which won’t be playing the National Team. These tickets are category `observers` and may be used by members of the coaching staff or assistants appointed to the visualization and evaluation of potential adversaries.”

Finally, it concludes: “The AFA officially declares that it gave no log entries to supporters of clubs.”

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