Manhattan: The number of people under the rubble is still unknown


Finally, it was confirmed that two buildings were destroyed as a result of the blast, whose cause is still unknown. The incident occurred in East Harlem, one of the neighborhoods of Manhattan. The service line underground was suspended.

In the place are working 39 units and 140 firefighters who were sent to the spot with a bomb squad. At the moment, the possibility of a terrorist attack has been ruled out.

Underneath the building were a Spanish Christian church and a business repairing pianos.

Official sources confirmed that there were 11 minor injuries. They had not yet been able to confirm if there are dead or people trapped under the rubble. The injured are being taken to Harlem Hospital and Mount Sinai.

Ashley Rivera, 21, made a complaint a few days ago due to a “strong smell of gas” in the area. Today, he said “I saw people flying out of the windows, they were my neighbors.”

A Fire Department spokesman said the first alarm call was received at 9:31 PM. The fire started in the business Absolute Piano in Park Avenue 1646, and was followed by the explosion” witnesses said.

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