Cristina Kirchner travels to Chile to participate in the assumption of Bachelet as president

Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive


Today, Cristina Kirchner travels to Chile to attend the inauguration of Michelle Bachelet as president. The ceremony will count with the participation of other Latin American leaders.

Cristina plans to leave the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airport at 2 pm. In the Chilean capital, she will stay at the Hyatt Hotel.

The ceremony, however, begins tomorrow at 12 am, in the Congress in Valparaiso, 135 kilometers west of Santiago. The president-elect will enter the Hall of Honor at 11:45, while outgoing President Sebastián Piñera will do it at 12.

Bachelet returned to the presidency after having led the country between 2006 and 2010, when she gave the command to Piñera.

As a candidate of the New Majority, Michelle Bachelet won the second round in mid-December with over 62% of the votes against the candidate Evelyn Matthei, from the ruling conservative alliance.

Jorge Pizarro, head of the Senate, said that the presidential sash will be carried out by Piñera, but the swearing will be done by Isabel Allende, daughter of the assassinated president Salvador Allende and Socialist Party senator.

“So far there are confirmed to attend the Congress presidents of Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, Suriname and El Salvador” Pizarro said.

There also confirmed their attendance of presidents of Peru and Bolivia, Evo Morales and Ollanta Humala, despite both countries have disputes with Chile over land claims.

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