Mauricio Macri: “We will change but it is not for those who want to reinvent from Peronism”


Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri said today that the country is heading towards a change in political leadership, but not for those who want to reinvent from pernonism, ensuring that PRO party will occupy this place.

“We are very calm,” he said of his party ahead of elections in 2015. “This time is not that we have to go to achieve visibility with an unknown candidate. This time I am the ballot: everyone knows me as president of Boca and as head of Bs As city government,” he added.

And he stressed that “we will change and that change is us, not for those who want to reinvent themselves from Peronism”.

“Now if Peronism manages to explain that those who want to rule has nothing to do with Menem, nor Rodriguez Saa, nor Duhalde, neither NĂ©stor and Cristina, we’ll face wizards,” he said.

“Peronism has to take care of what happened in Argentina. It is the end of an era in Argentina that extends beyond this government. There are 30 years in a form of politics that does not work.”

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