United States stated its concern for drug production in Argentina


The Argentina is still ‘a transit country ‘, but “there is an increased production of cocaine” says a report by the State Department of the United States on drug trafficking in the world, which includes a chapter on Argentina.

In this section, the report warns of “judicial delays that continue to complicate prosecutions against drug traffickers in the country” and that “many Argentines believe that crimes linked to drug trafficking grew.”

The Department of State urges in the document to the government of Cristina Kirchner to “devote more effort and resources to combat” drug trafficking and other drugs such as paco “a particular problem among the poor” , although it notes that the production of this drug in Argentina grows but at a ‘small’ rate.

Most of the cocaine passing through Argentina is exported to Europe, according to the report, which questioned that the government has stopped publishing annual statistics on seizures of cocaine since 2010, which “suggests that the numbers of 2013 are higher than those of 2011 and 2012.”

It also indicates that, according to Argentine officials, the annual consumption of cocaine covers 0.9 percent of Argentina’s population, but argues that there is a “growing concern over the use of synthetic drugs and other such as paco in young drug “.

“During 2013, Argentine officials accused several members of the security forces of being involved in drug trafficking” said the report, referring to Santa Fe, where members of the force have been identified as drug traffickers and accomplices are being investigated by the Justice.

Moreover, the report of the U.S. government also states that “the money laundering related to drug trafficking, corruption, smuggling and tax evasion occurs through the financial system, which exposes the Argentina to terrorism”.


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