Timerman complaint to the UN, London’s refusal to report on nuclear weapons


Foreign Minister Hector Timerman denounced at the UN that “the UK declined to say if the submarines sent to the South Atlantic carrying nuclear weapons, even if there is at least one precedent in this regard which was revealed by news media.”

Héctor Timerman denounced him to the Conference on Disarmament of the UN meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. “We understand that for this reason that efforts to reach a final nuclear disarmament should continue. So we denounce the attitude of the United Kingdom not to have the will to clarify whether nuclear weapons introduced in a region that is free of them,” he said Timerman.

He added: “Argentina was the venue last August of the Organization for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (OPANAL) and drives from the CELAC ( Community of Latin American and Caribbean States ) a new treaty to ban permanently the proliferation of nuclear material that could be used for military purposes.”

The official noted that Argentina had ” called on States that interpretative declarations made ​​to the additional protocols to the Treaty of Tlatelolco to withdraw them in accordance with this agreement set purpose nuclear non-proliferation .”

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