Máximo Kirchner speaks about his mother, his father and Kirchnerism continuity


Máximo Kirchner, son of President Cristina Fernandez, gave an interview to journalist Sandra Russo, for her new book, but some fragments of these statements were published on a local newspaper.

The son of the president spoke of all topics:

La Campora party

“We do not go down to the neighborhood as a cleaning crew or distribute anything. When people get involved and take care of things, you want more, live better, you can organize. No organization possible if no self-esteem. We do not know what we term election, but will be fine whichever is. Our work is long term”.


In October elections, the hatred was defeated, except Carrio, which represents the most recalcitrant and conservative sectors of Buenos Aires City, where most of the hate and media power is concentrated. The proposal of Massa is confusion, a guy who was part of the project, in the border, which in 2011 accompanied Cristina happy.

His mother

“I see her through situations and then goes hard, but of course, this is what happened to Nestor. When just took second term had to cross the thyroid issue. And then this other operation. One is not impervious to what she has to go or the virulence with which she is attacked. I would like… often I am tempted to go out and say or do things to defend her, but responsibilities are responsibilities, and also the boss in any situation, even in this, it’s her. But I think society also has a roof over it. Even those who disagree, even those who criticize it: there is a limit.”

His father

When Nestor dies in Calafate, I did not want to bring to Bs As. I wanted to stay in Gallegos. I did not want to see him surrounded by much of the political leadership, those who had defamed him had lied, had betrayed him But when I saw people I said myself, “Well, this is something else”.

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