Evictions in Villa Lugano: A group of people tried to take another property


A new group of people tried to take a property located in the neighborhood Villa Lugano, right in the streets José León Suárez and Zuviría.

The tension increased as the occupation continued in the  Indoamericano Park, where a week ago the site was taken by a group that already raised wooden houses.

In Lugano, people just said they were protesting the lack of housing but it had no intention of occupying the land.

“We joined this morning [ about 3 am ] . A while ago we were told we had to withdraw because they will use force,” a woman in the protest said.

She added: “I ​​have understood that they can not touch us because we are the children.”

The Metropolitan Police launched an eviction operation, while the case prosecutor was presented in place.

A policeman was injured, according to official sources  and had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Meanwhile , there were detainees: three women and a man, who tried in various ways to resist the police operation.

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