The president sent to Congress a bill to treat the agreement with Repsol


Cristina Kirchner announced from her Twitter account that “last Friday she sent to the National Congress a bill to address the agreement between the Government and Repsol for the expropriation of YPF.”

The president stressed that “We recovered for the Argentine people the second shale gas reserves in the world and the fourth largest oil shale.”

Cristina criticized “how during the Menem decade the decision to sell YPF was determined in the Ministry of Economy,” while during her tenure the law to recover the company will be treated in Congress.

Moreover, the President welcomed the judge’s jurisdiction in the Federal Administrative Enrique Lavi√© Pico, which upheld the decision of the national government to recover Aerol√≠neas Argentinas.

Finally, the President fought for the defense of democracy, peace and life in Venezuela.

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