Shell increased its prices again


Following the agreement reached with the Minister of Economy Axel Kicillof, Shell again increased its fuel prices by 6.1%.

The Minister sought the increase was fractionated so the peso devaluation did not feel as strong in the price of the jets.

“Mindful of the negotiations that took place between producers and refiners of crude oil after consulting the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance in last February, today Shell oil prices increased on average 6.1% across the country,” the company said.

This upward increase in the last 12 months is between 58% and 62%.

The new prices in the city of Buenos Aires:

naphtha Shell V-Power Nitro + cost went from 11.23 to 11.98 pesos
Formula Shell Super from 9.92 to 10.53
Shell V-Power Diesel Nitro + 10.57 to 11.28
Shell Formula Diesel 8.82 to 9.34

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