Mauricio Macri opened the sessions in the Legislature of Buenos Aires



The mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri, along with his cabinet, opened today the regular sessions in the Legislature with strong political statements.

Although Article 74 determines that the Buenos Aires legislature meets in regular session from the first of March, the leader of the PRO decided to advance one day his presentation to the City legislators to avoid coincide with the opening of President Cristina Kirchner on Saturday at noon at the National Congress.

Macri said: “We know that every political sector seek a position in 2015, but we try to find common ground to work”.

“I’ll Finish my term, but also the provincial governor Daniel Scioli and the President in the Nation [Cristina Kirchner]” and asked them to “call on social peace and unity for all Argentines”.

He also referred to education: “We are the only district of Argentina who managed to increase the enrollment of public school against private school. We should not get politics into education; we must make it a state policy.”

He promised to “continue strengthening the social safety net” and said that “in the course of the year, the Bank expects to deliver 1100 new City Credit for people who need their first house.”

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