Cristina Kirchner choose Zamora to be the new interim president of the Senate




The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, met on Thursday with senators for the Front for Victory to confirm ‘the political will of President Cristina Kirchner’ to appoint Gerardo Zamora as new interim president of the Senate.

This was reported by spokespersons of the ruling bloc at the end of the meeting, which lasted for an hour, because Capitanich withdrew without making any statements to the press. In addition, it was reported that the ruling party senators expressed their ‘full support’ to the government’s decision.

Zamora, a radical allied to the kirchnerismo standing in the line of presidential succession, replaces Beatriz Rojkes de Alperovich. He was proposed for the position in the Senate during the preparatory session on Friday.

The news rocked both the radical block (where Zamora is resisted) and the Front for Victory, as several senators were reluctant to vote for a radical turned into the kirchnerism.

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