Capitanich criticized The New York Times for its article against Argentina




The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, said today that “there is a tendency to systematic denigrate Argentina by the ultra-conservative and neoliberal international communication media”. 

In his regular press conference at Government House, Capitanich referred specifically to an article in The New York Times, which strongly criticized the role of Peronism in Argentina’s history, and said that “he did it as Vice President and member of the PJ Peronism and the national and popular project.”

“There is a systematic national, popular, deeply humanistic and Christian motion offense and workers know what Peronism means” said Capitanich adding that “we are not well regarded by conservative world power, so we defend our flags proudly as well as the role of Peronism”.

In addition the Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said today that “the decision to promote former ruling Governor Gerardo Zamora as provisional president of the Senate is because an strategic decision of the President, which creates a wide, plural and democratic integration in the Front for Victory”.

“While Zamora is someone who comes from the ranks of Peronism, showed commitment and attachment to the Front for Victory, which shows that from the plurality of ideas can be built policy rules and institutional projects.”

Moreover, in his regular press conference, he expressed his confidence to the appointment of Zamora in replacement of Beatriz Rojkés de Alperovich.

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