Moyano: “If the Government incresases wages by decree the joints are finished”


Argentina, February 20, 2014

The Government confirmed that the joint will start tomorrow with teachers nationwide. The Kirchner administration intends to impose a ceiling of 25 % in salary increases. Union anticipated that they will not accept less than that.

Hugo Moyano, leader and secretary general of the CGT Azopardo, said “They do not set the percentages.” He also criticized those who “do not look after the rights of workers.”

“I hope Antonio Calo (the official CGT) respond to the claim of workers and not to compromises with the government,” he said in statements to the program of Maximiliano Montenegro, in Radio Latina.

Moyano answered to the cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich, who said in his morning news conference that “if there is no agreement, the government could set the incrases unilaterallyā€¯, referring to the possibility of fixing the increase by decree.

“If you set a ceiling, the joint is finished, they have even said that it could be fixed by decree. The Government clearly says that the joints are done” he added.

The complaint seeks an increase exceeding 25%, arguing in favor of price increases and inflation forecasts for this year. “According to recent months, inflation obviously can far exceed 30% in 2014. This must be taken into account in the joint negotiations” said the leader

“Workers know that the money they earned is not enough to buy what they bought some time ago, this is clearly seen in each of the homes” he concluded.

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