Capitanich denied Rossi’s statements about drug production in Argentina


Argentina, February 18, 2014

Jorge Capitanich said in his usual morning press conference from Government House that “Argentina is not a drug producing country” to settle the dispute between different opinions between the Defense Minister Agustín Rossi and Secretary of Security Sergio Berni.

In this context, the Chief Minister said that “the official position is clear, Argentina is not a drug producing country.”

Berni had denied that the country is a producer of drugs, while Rossi had referred earlier to laboratories or ‘kitchens’ for the development of drugs.

Capitanich expressed “solidarity with Venezuela” and stated that “any conspiratorial attitude in the country is an affront to democracy in the region.”

“We express with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and its President Nicolas Maduro, our solidarity to fulfill its goals of government.”

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